Import/export agents for products contributing to healthy communities
If you are looking to develop or expand business overseas but have limited time and resources, you can operate all or some of your import or export related activities through One Earth Global Traders. Whether your enterprise is looking to acquire or supply, we work dynamically for your behalf offering a direct and personal service. Regardless of whether you are looking for long term cooperation or simply a one-off project, we can tailor our services to your needs.

One Earth Global Traders

One Earth Global Traders is an independent import/export agency focusing on products that contribute to healthy communities worldwide. We specialize in:


  • Water purification
  • Organic, free trade, and certified non-GMO foods
  • Modular buildings for permanent or emergency use
  • Renewable energy
  • Other products promoting personal and environmental health


Our services
We offer services across the transaction chain, including:

Marketing - assisting producers to locate buyers through proactive introductions or international marketing campaigns

Procurement - assisting global buyers to locate reliable suppliers

Logistics - arranging financing, freight forwarding, document processing, and customs clearance

Our values

One Earth Global Traders focuses on certain key values that define who we are, how we work, what we believe in, and what we stand for:

  • Making sure our clients' interests always come first
  • Transparent communication
  • Honest interactions and evaluation
  • Building long-term partner relationships
  • Honoring principles of social justice and environmental sustainability, operating responsibly in a just and life-affirming manner.